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Diy a sleek slatted bench with only $100 Build a platform bed with storage drawers easy

Today children's beds are presented in broad specific variety. They differ in design type, dimensions, quantity of components, existence of additional furniture adaptations and material of production. However not any model can be executed in house conditions.

The basis can be integral (from the sheet chipboard) or trellised in the form of lamels with air vents. The second option is more preferable. The bedfoot and a headboard are usually carried out from the wooden massif, plywood or LDSP. Designs can have a various form.

Important! Height of a headboard has to be more, than the bedfoot size.

For each type of a children's bed the standard dimensions are provided. The baby till 6 months can sleep in a compact bed cradle which reminds a baby carriage. Dimensions of a berth make 8040 cm. For different models of a design small deviations are provided.

The bed is the main element of a bedroom. Comfort level, functionality of a berth and quality of a dream depends on option of model. It is necessary to approach a choice of a bed with special responsibility, especially if it is about a children's berth. The qualitative, strong, durable design with esthetic appearance will cost much. The children's bed the hands will manage much cheaper, and the result will surpass all expectations.

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