5 Tools To Pack And Ship Cookies

30 ideas for beginners—how to woodworking

Projecting own case or the combined design, it is necessary to remember that the quantity of things and subjects increases over time. Therefore you should not limit yourself to a certain number of boxes and shelves. If there is a financial opportunity, it is necessary to equip at once all area under ladder march, as much as possible involving each centimeter of useful space.

Ideas of the functional device of space under a ladder can be the most unexpected and unusual. It is necessary to count exact overall dimensions of all elements only in advance and to give preference only to high-quality materials.

As the basic bearing elements of a case it is possible to use a design of a ladder and a wall of the room. Of course, it is impossible to take a covering from gypsum cardboard into account and other doubling sheets which will not sustain the considerable weight of things and subjects.

The ladder belongs to important elements of any multystoried building, including a country house or the two-level city apartment. For its construction in inhabited space the considerable area is allocated. Modern designers, architects and designers pay to arrangement of space under ladder marches much attention. The case under a ladder is most demanded. Under flights the place for storage of clothes and footwear, headdresses and various subjects will be enough.