5 Places To Build A Walnut Dining Table

Remodeling a bathroom for under 5$

2. Meter boards we connect details among themselves, doing between them bevels for a shop curve. Also we force down from the end of a back of a detail of a framework 40 cm plates. On the middle of seats we place 60 and 80 cm of a board. We make all this round a favourite tree.

1. We do 6 identical details: we force down a vertical long board with a forward leg two connecting levels (above — 50 cm, below — 40 cm).

For connection of a table with shops it is required: 4 boards of 16008938 mm.

3. It is necessary to bring down the levels acting up plates on 40 cm for backs. On each element of a back have on 3 plates.

What else options of benches can interest you, you can choose from such examples:

Bench from a gabion. Instead of legs under wooden sitting the grid filled with a wild stone or pebble is located.

It is not obligatory to construct a circular bench round a tree, the tree can be planted in this bench

Following steps from our instruction, you will be able to create the circular bench the hands, simply attach a little imagination and everything will turn out

This wonderful project consists of two wooden benches and a little table connected among themselves. The option is irreplaceable for you if you like to eat outdoors.

Benches and benches from a felling. Look prirodno and cast warm thoughts of a rural cosiness.