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Basic set of tools for home with pallets and wood

Sunflower oil works worse as in it there are less than polynonsaturated fatty acids.

When the derevesina of a cheren becomes impregnated through, it needs to be rubbed off smooth dry rags. After that some weeks to allow to dry out completely. At evaporation of oil there is an oxidation and a plimerization of a surface which on the expiration of some time becomes strong and elastic.

Therefore we will start. Also we will begin with the easiest way of processing of a tree — impregnation with simple vegetable oil.

Vegetable oil in the natural look, even at high content of linolenovy acid, is oxidized extremely slowly. For reduction of time of drying oil is subjected to heat treatment with addition in its structure of compounds of metals (sikkativa). When heating in oil the substances which are slowing down hardening decay, and salts of metals provide faster oxidation.

For example, you have a wooden handle of a knife which you want to process. The easiest way — to take oil in hand and properly to polish the handle. To wait for absorption. Again to rub. And so on — yet will not bother. In principle, for the household level of it it is enough. But if there is a wish bigger (for example, the increased resistance to water), it is possible to make the following.

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Well and in addition, impregnation of a tree oil raises its esthetics, showing structure of a tree. That looks more beautiful than when the structure of a tree is not visible.

But, as we spoke at the beginning, we try to find ways of independent processing of wood. Therefore we will go further.