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The interior subject in a bathroom has to carry out a maximum of functions, but occupy a space minimum. A suspended curbstone under a sink in a bathroom – ideal option for the small room. That registration of the room was harmonious, it is important to select furniture according to tone, structure of materials of a facing tile and bathroom equipment.

Good advice! The accessories from plastic covered with a dusting under gold or silver lose beauty and brightness within the first month of operation. Details from the chromeplated metal will serve much more long and will keep the qualities.

The Wood-shaving Plates (WSP) belong to materials of the lowest price category. They are also covered with special solutions, but according to qualitative characteristics, significantly concede even to models from MDF. The curbstone under a sink in a bathroom from a chipboard will serve not for long.

Glass is steady against moisture and steam, has high esthetic characteristics. The glass curbstone will give elegance to any bathroom. At the same time material very fragile and on glass are well noticeable begin to flow, the soap and limy raid that demands careful withdrawal, Model from shock-resistant glass more reliable, however is been more expensive.

Good advice! The water-repellent covering, impregnations and other additives as a part of a chipboard do material strong for a certain period. Therefore curbstones from such plates are short-lived.

Thus, criteria of a choice of a bedside table in a bathroom the following:

Stone – the most expensive and seldom found material. Curbstones from a stone look solidly, are steady against any external influences. However will successfully fit not into any interior. The stone natural or artificial is applied in production of curbstones in a bathroom with a table-top.

Metal – practical material, however exclusively corrosion-proof alloys will be suitable for a curbstone for a bathroom. Moisture resistant details from metal serve long enough, thus well fit into an interior.

Choosing a curbstone for a sink, it is necessary to consider such properties of materials and accessories: