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For a table it will be necessary to make six legs with obligatory adjustment. Except legs, enter a design the table-top fitted by cloth, an underframe which gathers from soft wood and a board from a dense tree.

As an alternative you can make the hands a billiard table, after all in fact it still a table, it is simple with some features.

If your billiard table is small, it is possible to use a usual table as a basis – to make a transformer about which we will talk later.

Today we will talk that is a billiard table of what consists that is necessary, for independent creation of such subject and many other. So, we will begin.

Continuing to understand how to make a billiard table the hands, we have to decide on materials. The main part of a design traditionally is made of a tree, and strong breed, like an oak or a beech.

Generally it concerns owners of private houses, is much more rare – inhabitants of apartments. Some buy billiard tables, for other people is too expensive.

Taking into account that the table becomes for amateur occupations by pleasant hobby, we will not observe any standards from professional billiards. The sizes of a table will be affected only by the area of the room in which it will stand.

Some people quite often reflect on becoming owners of a table for billiards together with which will be able to transfer the hobby to the house.

It will be necessary to begin to us with the bases – designs of a billiard table. If to look at a photo of the billiard table made the hands, navryad at you it to turn out to notice a difference with the bought option.

The room in which will comfortably use a table has to be not less than 56 meters.

Further the design gathers not more difficult, than a usual table and if all accessories are picked up and all stolyarka is executed precisely and strongly, for all works no more than ten days, including varnishing can leave.

At first we have to decide on the sizes of the general design.

For this purpose, that such piece of furniture turned out it is necessary to understand of what it consists.