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Distinguish angular, direct and radial cases under a sink

In total them there are three options taking into account a type of a sink. Each of ways has the individual specifics of application.

Also it is necessary to distinguish also kitchen cases as arrangement of access to its internal part. The case for a sink on kitchen can be:

Council: as much as possible to use available space equip on a case door holders for cans of household chemicals, the garbage container or covers for ware.

If you already have an acquired sink with a case on kitchen, it is time to start its installation. As today curbstones with a uniform table-top are generally used, process can be divided into some stages: preparation, installation of a framework of a curbstone and table-top, insert of a sink and its connection to system of a water supply system.

Besides, in a curbstone under a kitchen sink it is possible to place quite dimensional devices. For example, most often here equip a place for household waste, and also mount a special grinder for them. Except a garbage can it is possible to install filtrational system for water or to place inside a small water heater.

Besides basic classification of models, all cases for sinks on kitchen can also be divided into separate categories, depending on their internal filling. First of all, it can be: