30 DIY Wood Project For Absolute Beginners

7 tips for beginners

To remove the stiffened silicate glue from glass, it is necessary to drip on a spot cologne and to set fire. Glue is softened and easily scratched out by a razor edge.

At rubbers are sharp, grease a knife blade with soap. It will become easier to cut, and edges will turn out equal.

At adjustment of windows it is recommended to use a transfer paper. It is put between a shutter and a box. The trace will specify where clamps and where it is necessary to podstrogat.

If knives before sharpening to take half an hour in weak solution of table salt, they natachivatsya quicker and easier.

Ship the worn-out files in strong solution of salt of ammonium, for example sal ammoniac, then take out them from solution and put somewhere, occasionally turning them. In some days they will become covered by a thick crust of a rust, Clean off a metal brush a rust layer - again it is possible to work with files.

The doors and window frames painted by oil paint need to be washed with warm water without soap, having added a liquid ammonia teaspoon on water liter. Soda and soap do paint dim, and water with liquid ammonia deletes dirt and adds it gloss. After washing of a door and a frame it is necessary to wipe dry, differently there will be yellow spots.

Rigid brushes become softer if to lower them in the boiling vinegar.

At plywood sawing up its surface is chopped off. That edges turned out smooth, moisten a leaf in the area of a cut with hot water.

That when drilling fine details from sheet material they were not scrolled, it is necessary to enclose under them an emery paper.

More liquid joiner's glue, than for soft as the soft tree strongly absorbs it is suitable for pasting of a firm tree. Absolutely liquid glue or glue water is applied to preparation of a surface under coloring by glue paint or to filling of a time of wood when pasting end faces.