27 Easiest Woodworking Projects For Dining Table

The best brackets to make a solid wood bookshelf Building a $27 coffee table with your jigsaw

These are two almost specularly executed elements. The difference consists in embedding of a handrail of a protection in a bedfoot, as shown in drawings below.

In summary we suggest to watch video about production of a two-story crib for the real princesses.

The ladder and protection are simply fixed on a framework by screws. At desire the protection can be made and from a wall — for the lower and top bed. Then you will need four more levels.

1 — cuts of 38 mm; 2 — places of fastening of steps; 3 — steps of a ladder, 3 pieces; 4 — a protection

Assembly of two bearing frames will require four prepared boards — longitudinal components of a frame. The longitudinal level for reliability of a design needs to be pasted to a board and in addition to fasten screws to the middle of thickness of a board. Between the whetstones pasted to a longitudinal level of support of a mattress cross laths — a basis under a mattress will be laid.

Protection handrail — simply processed board, a ladder handrail — a board with selection for installation on a framework. Places of fastenings of steps need to be marked in advance, and to track that screws for their fixing did not get on framework screws.

To be defined by how to make a children's bed optimum suitable both for the child, and for mother, it is necessary to adhere to the standard sizes

Now wood can be painted and opened with a varnish, to lay mattresses — and the bed is ready!

Factory models have the standard sizes which, mainly, define berth dimensions. Height of backs and sides has to be sufficient not to allow falling of the child and convenient for mother bending to the kid.