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The garden furniture can become not only decoration of an interior, but also the excellent vacation spot. A shop the hands — a subject of pride and a reserve of future furniture set.

Material of a natural origin with attractive appearance. Will fit into an interior with any registration. The composition will look stylishly and unusually, elegantly. The natural stone possesses a set of advantages, but is not deprived also of shortcomings. It is easy to make such option too.

Cold forging for this purpose too quite approaches. In a uniform design simply we weld a framework from metal preparations. Elements of a decor will improve appearance.

1500 millimeters – such length for a back and a seat of a shop will be enough that three persons comfortably settled down. Other dimensions too matter. Width of a seat reaches 400 mm, a back corner – 18-20 degrees. Back height – 900 millimeters, seats – 450.

The wide choice of options of color registration pleases.

Garden benches to which production the method of the forging cold or hot was applied will become excellent ornament in any garden.

Ideal option to make furniture. Gives in to any kinds of processing, possesses noble appearance, does not demand difficult works during installation. The grade of wood is allowed to choose any. The main requirement – lack of defects, high-quality drying.

Wooden bench without back – the simplest decision. It is allowed to use a board up to 75 mm thick. Each element consists of two parts.

Personal plots decorate not only the furniture made of a tree. Metal too can become the irreplaceable assistant at creation of places, comfortable for rest. For this purpose it is optional to own technology of hot forging.

These are stylish and beautiful designs for which it is better to get decorative jewelry. Metal will become quite good addition for glass or a tree. It is simple to make everything.

To make this accessory not so difficult as it seems. It is important to decide on material and suitable design from the very beginning.