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Nagivari claims: if impact of chemical process is proved, there will be possible a change of modern manufacturing techniques of violins. Violins will begin to sound for one million dollars. And restorers will ensure the best safety to ancient tools.

More than 1000 violins, violoncellos and violas were created by the great master, having devoted life to production and improvement of the tools which forever glorified his name. About 600 of them reached our time. Experts note its constant aspiration to allocate the tools with powerful sounding and richness of a timbre.

Many masters of high level could not surpass Stradivari, they did not learn to feel heart a tree as it was felt by him. Scientists try to understand, than is caused pure unique sonority of stradivariyevsky violins.

The varnish with which Stradivari's tools are covered was once analysed. Came to light that its structure contains nanomeasured structures. It turns out that three centuries ago founders of violins leaned on nanotechnologies.