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How to use a planer for wood working

Writers - all writers, including the old professionals covered with scars, - extremely are proud of children of the brains. They are rather ready to see the real first-born eaten by wolves, than to endure pain because that their manuscript is rejected. So many prefer to read the manuscript aloud to spouses and distressful friends.

I never discuss the works, and even less I wish to discuss work of my colleagues. As for influence of fantastic literature on people, I stand too close to its center to judge. And what experiences the author in connection with the work can have? It works one, in the society of only the typewriter. Almost everything that can happen to it, is an earthquake.

That they want to write nine of ten saying, never it do. There are five million.

And it everything. It is the most reliable formula to achieve the publication of any - any! - works. But so seldom someone conforms to all five rules, considering that the profession of the writer is already easy work. Though most of professional writers are not too sensible, not too clever and not too productive. The matter is that these rules work only consistently, but not in parallel. If you "slip" one of them, you fail completely - and your work will not be published.

The fourth: You have to enter with your work the market.

The majority of those who endured this test, do not send the creation to the outside world - to the editor. Oh no! - It includes possibility of a failure, and they are not ready to it.

The fifth: You have to hold it in the market until buy it.