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The best for a brashirovka and further coloring is the larch, but it concedes to a cedar in operation as is more whimsical to differences of temperatures and humidity. Brashirovanny and colored lining from a larch surely has to pass two week acclimatization in a place of future installation.

Better than lining from a larch – there can be only a lining brashirovanny of a larch with production painting by oil or is delicious! This unique product on the ecology, wood, incomparable on beauty, and not surpassed technical characteristics.

It is important! That artificially made old wood gained the maximum similarity to material which aging happened in habitat, experts recommend to paint the material which earlier underwent a brashirovaniye in gray color. Without waiting for full drying of paint, it is greased from a relief surface. Thanks to such reception, the impression will be made that products from artificially made old timber staid open-air not less than 10 years.

It is important! If natural aging has an adverse effect on operational characteristics of wood, weakening its structure, thanks to the artificial sostarivaniye which is carried out by a brashirovaniye method, material gets additional durability.