15 Inspiring Pallet Ideas For Beginners 01

Make a wooden box with storage drawers easy How to make straight rip cuts with wood

So, we will consider in more detail how to make a plastic table table the hands.

Put the circle fitted by fabric on the basis from tires. Here it is also ready! A seat removable therefore the internal part of a padded stool can be used as a place for storage of trifles.

At desire on a ready list add additional decorative elements a copper contour.

Cut from plywood a circle, on diameter a little smaller, than diameter of the tire. Fit it fabric and fix fabric the stapler.

Suspend the ready shelf on a wall of a hozblok or a workshop, using ready fastenings (thus covers have to appear on the lower side of the shelf).

Cover both tires with white spray paint, dry up. Then paint both tires lime paint, thicker layer, dry up.

And now we offer interesting ideas for giving and a garden the hands concerning other necessary home decoration in economy.

Ground a detail of a support and paint it with copper acrylic paint, then in some places put means for receiving a patina.

It will be a convenient seat on which it is possible to have a rest after garden cares. All our interesting ideas for the house of giving and a kitchen garden are followed by a photo and can be realized with use of various improvised materials.

Paint internal parts of an ornament with bright stained glass paints. It is important that paints which you use, were evenly distributed in the site which is led round by a contour therefore before painting a table-top, be trained on a small slice of glass, defining the necessary amount of paint for fragments. Well dry a ready list.

Make a garden padded stool of old car tires. Expenses, practically not, and the effect will surpass all expectations. This padded stool not idle time, and padded stool chest. You will be able to store garden trifles in it. Such will definitely not be at anybody!

It is possible to decorate jars with a simple list, application and any other ways.