11 Beginner Tips To Use A Planer

10 woodworking tools you need to finish Beginner's guide to build a walnut dining table

Furniture the hands - Useful tips to the house master how independently to make furniture.

The workman - Discussion of materials, machines, manual and the electric tool. Designs of self-made machines and adaptations for processing of a tree.

Dressmaking - the Detailed description, councils and recommendations as it is possible to make clothes for all family the hands.

The ships the hands - to the Young technician. The description and drawings for creation of models of the ships from various materials.

Make itself the hands. - Useful information, secrets of use of materials and tools for house masters and modellers.

Homemade products for the house master - Designs of homemade products, a professional advice and useful data for all who likes to make the hands. Drawings of products.

House brewery - Useful tips and recommendations for production of beer in house conditions. History, recipes, types of beer. Beer etiquette.

Councils to the beginning joiner - the Short course for the amateur joiner. Councils for a choice, storage and processing of wood.

Fishing tackles - Independent production of fishing tackles. Recommendations and description of technologies. Photo album of samples of products. Forum.

Furniture the hands - the Detailed description, councils and drawings for production of furniture in house conditions.

Polishing - Recommendations and technologies of polishing and chromium plating of various materials. Description of tools and adaptations.

Creation of the scheme of an embroidery - Creation of the scheme of an embroidery from the image. Task of parameters of an embroidery, recommendation and scheme.

Incubator - Information how independently to make an incubator for cultivation of poultry. Councils for a conclusion and cultivation of chickens, gooses, ducklings, quails, turkeys.