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Children grow quickly, and the furniture costs quite much.

The careful and loving parents literally from the very first day of life of own child starts worrying about its safety, health, comfort and full development.

The framework is made of the pared-down and well ground board. The lamels supporting a mattress from below consist of levels. They are inserted into the grooves which are cut out in a frame and form a lattice for ventilation of a mattress. Distance between them about 5 centimeters. Sidewalls serve as a protection thanks to which the child will not fall down. Basic backs are filled with plywood sheets.

Though wooden products for kids can be bought expensive, but separate details at the acceptable cost. It is desirable to grind the bought preparations carefully the hands that the child was not wounded about any sticking-out chip. The product consists of the following details:

What main piece of furniture in a bedroom? Bed. That the dream was healthy and pleasant it is important to have the correct bed. The double bed from a tree will become the best option.

If in one room lives three children, it is important to think over planning of the room and especially placement of berths for them. It should be taken into account a practicality, reliability and appearance.

The bed has to be the most convenient and functional.

Both the child, and the kid will be as a result happy.