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It is necessary only to cut off excess metal and to grind an edge. The chisel is made of a file on a grinding circle. So make thick direct cutting torches and a chisel. It is necessary to grind a file under the necessary corner and to insert preparation into the wooden handle.

From a file of square section at desire it is possible to turn an angular chisel. For this purpose it is necessary to stock up with a good abrasive for a circle on metal. From a thin file the excellent tool will turn out for are sharp any form.

In such a way it is possible to make direct or slanted pass chisels. Instead of a disk any detail from strong steel will approach. The most widespread semicircular chisel for woodcarving turns out from a punch — preparation already has the necessary form.

For these purposes take tools with a different form of an edge. Types of chisels for a carving on derevu:. The presented types in different quantities are used by masters. Their modifications too can be different: the flat can be wide or narrow, angular — wide-angle or uzkougolny, a bend round flat or radial.

To make a mini-chisel, it is possible to take a small piece of metal as preparation. In house conditions it is more convenient to create small tools. In the market it is possible to meet shod chisels for woodcarving. They are made from carbonaceous strong steel, such differ in resistance to wear and more long hold a form and sharpness.