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As a tree – the indisputable leader among materials for shops both at the price, and on convenience and simplicity of processing, feature of designing of a country bench the hands we will consider on its example.

But in general plastic perfectly proved as temporary option for giving.

What option to choose – to solve to you, proceeding from the available opportunities and preferences. And today we will tell how to make a country bench with a back in the elementary way – of pallets.

The forged openwork benches from metal easily are in harmony with various styles of registration of giving, are simple in leaving and are durable. They can be moved on a site and to paint, giving the updated look.

It is possible to call this option the most practical for use.

It is much simpler to make wooden benches independently, than benches of other materials, and they look, even the simplest, always pertinently. Though is at a tree and shortcomings – it is subject to rotting and can be surprised wreckers. To prolong operation term, it will be required to be processed in addition special impregnations or to coat.

The tree is in the greatest demand among summer residents and not only. Treat its advantages:

Besides, to plastic it is not terrible the benefits if, for example, the bench is caught in the rain. But there are also minuses: on such bench you will hardly feel comfortably, besides, a look at it not the most presentable.

It is necessary to begin with a design choice. Wooden shops can have a set of forms and versions, here the main of them:

Shops on a site it is better to make a little as all listed tasks, as a rule, are actual. Besides a functional purpose, it is desirable to take care and of that from the location of a bench the beautiful look opened, and she did not disturb habitual and convenient movement on giving.

One more kind of benches deserving attention – a combination of metal and a tree. Thus support usually do of iron, and part for sitting and a back – wooden.