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Such garden benches with success replace different plastic chairs and chairs. It is possible to leave them in the yard to the first snow, they are not afraid of any atmospheric precipitation. The benches made own hands will become fine ornament for a country house, they will be reliable and will serve long term.

The garden benches made thus by all means will be pleasant to all family and acquaintances who come on a visit. Now the place where all family usually gathers in the yard, will be allocated not only a table d'hote, but also benches. It is possible to have a rest on them even lying, for this purpose it is necessary to shift simply them on two. In spite of the fact that benches are deprived of backs, having made them in a row it is possible to seat at the table a large number of guests.

Agree, it is always pleasant to have a rest on the bench made own hands after the done work on a garden site or even it is simple in hot summer day. But to make a garden bench the hands, it is necessary to know some simple rules. First, there has to be a desire to have on the site or in a garden benches, convenient for rest. Secondly, it is necessary to have material for their production, and also a necessary minimum of the tool. And thirdly, it is necessary to have patience and absolute confidence that conceived surely will turn out.