10 How To Make A Wooden Box

Beginner's guide to use a jigsaw

It was necessary to paste the handle from length of a strip of paper of the same color.

It is possible to take as a basis in general any idea and to decorate it with a crepe paper.

Also let's glance in a locker to any hostess, and there we will find a lot of macaroni of a different form. And so from them excellent hand-made articles too turn out, represent? Especially, if to use some different types and to create from them beautiful patterns.

1. Take sheets of paper and you need to make them square, and after follow these steps which you see on these images.

1. Make florets of this fabric, the form can be taken any, or such:

With a holiday you, all light and solar to you and your house!

2. In my opinion it very charming and gently looks. And represent if there to place still krashenka, it will be cool exact!

You need six strips of identical length and width.

One more idea of an interesting basket from a corrugation of paper or a cardboard at which cleaned the top paper layer.

From one take a detour to which we paste cross-wise two others.

And if you are on friendly terms with fabric and are in love with it completely, perhaps you will be hooked by this paltry idea from a foamiran.

Even the usual napkin or fabric can be curtailed in such unexpected way, such as rabbits.