10 How To Make A Basic Box

Bending plywood to find free moving boxes

Before making a bed with boxes the hands, it is necessary to decide on several moments:

It is possible to take as a basis for calculations quite the drawing of a children's bed the hands of the basic model considered earlier. The only difference – a forward level needs to be reduced on width that the built-in boxes were deeper.

On model with the orthopedic basis the expense will be less – after all the bottom is not necessary the basis to do, lamels will form. A material consumption in case boxes in a bed will be rolled out on wheels remains approximately same. Yes, there is a certain economy because the insert does not need to be collected. But you should not forget that the bottom role at boxes on wheels in a bed will be played not by(with) DVP, but LDSP.

Yaroshevich Elena. Copywriter, designer-designer of cabinet furniture

Calculation of the detailing of a children's bed with boxes the hands according to the set drawing will look as follows.

Requirements to sleeping children's furniture at all different. Someone puts limit ease and a minimalistichnost in a priority, giving preference to models on the hollow bases under which it is so simple to maintain purity. To someone to liking limit functionality of each furniture module – such parents interests how to make a bed with boxes the hands of capaciously practical and convenient design.

The supplementary design can be also uniform, monolithic, without division into two-three parts.

According to cards of a cut it is visible that on a bed with drawers the hands about two sheets LDSP leave.