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Benches from metal mean metal support, and an image and a back more often do of wood. It is caused by ability of metal subjects quickly to heat up and cool down. Therefore in heat or to sit down on such seat already it will be problematic in the cool evening. Here some interesting examples:

Carrying out a product according to drawings it is possible to choose as classical options with armrests and without, and to find creations of masters who shared the ideas.

The hands there is a lot of drawings of garden benches with a back, it is caused by a large number of types and materials of production of this household item. The shop is in each garden and near each house, after all it is so well simple to sit, have a rest and look at beauty of the nature, especially in summertime, when on the street warmly.

Creation of a shop from a stone by the hands will require cement mortar to fasten among themselves details whereas in the previous options nails or screws were used. Here interesting creations of masters and simple gardeners:

Many fans to work at dachas or to grow up gardens do various jewelry of various improvised materials. So, on sites there are swans from tires, decorative bushes from plastic bottles and interesting benches.

It is a lot of interesting wooden creations where both the support, and seats with armrests are made of natural natural material. It is obligatory to varnish such products or paint that there was no rotting because of moisture hit. There is a lot of examples of autographic creations:

To make a bench for giving the hands not so difficult as it seems at first sight. The main thing – is correct to choose the drawing or to show the imagination.

The support is fixed by small holes with filling of mix from cement and sand that even under strong loadings the shop did not overturn.