10 DIY Furniture Ideas For Packing

Using jigs to make small wooden box easy Where to woodworking machines

The furniture deserves a separate mention as producers even more often try to use elements and designs from a brashirovanny tree. And it is possible by such method to make any furniture, whether it be a case, regiments, dressers, beds and other. The only limiting factor in this case is an imagination and a creative.

Step 2. Polishing. Now we will need an abrasive brush by means of which will polish wood. Let's accurately see off on the cleared surface for the purpose of removal of all remains of fibers and elimination of roughnesses. As a rule, here a lot of time is not required, it is enough to grind several times carefully a tree to achieve desirable result.

Step 1. Preparatory work. We check a tree with which we should work. If it too damp, it is necessary to dry if too dry, on the contrary, to uvlazhit as at a dry tree the quantity of waste, sawdust and dust significantly increases. At this stage we will use a metal brush. It is necessary to remember that it is necessary to delete exclusively soft fibers. If rigidity of a brush is so great that it touches even solid fibers, such tool should be replaced at once. The movements are made at a small speed in the direction of fibers.

Finally we will note that owing to the availability and a demand, the broshirovaniye is often carried out in house conditions. In these cases it is worth to remember about safety measures. Therefore it is necessary to work with tools very accurately, especially if work is conducted with a drill or other electric tools. All processes are carried out in special equipment – goggles and gloves. The respirator if the amount of dust in air is too great, and also during the work with antiseptic solutions can even sometimes be demanded.

So, all necessary tool is acquired, wooden boards lie before us. We start a brashirovaniye.